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Campaign Playbook: Community NFT Giveaway



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Campaign Playbook: Community NFT Giveaway
Updated at 05/05/2022

Campaign Playbook: Community NFT Giveaway


Complete any of the machine learning tasks below and get a utility-enabled NFT as your community avatar. 300 NFTs will be given out on a first come first serve basis; there will be no extra NFTs or exceptions!

The NFTs are split into Rare(90%) and Super Rare(10%). Completing Master Challenge will take you straight to the Super Rare NFT. Go and check them out!

Note: All task submissions are in the Discord channel, join now!

Task Submit 🎁 Rewards
Get started with Graviti AI Community Follow the beginner’s guide on Colab. This allows you to experiment with model training and evaluation using Graviti Open Datasets. With just a few clicks, you can get an NFT! Follow the Colab instructions, DM the result in Discord to Shiming Xiao. 🎁 NFT * 1
Publish Notebook Publish a Notebook about the following topics on, share the Notebook link to Twitter, and tag us @graviti_ai
  • Projects: The past machine learning project you made, show them to the community!
  • Experience or Insights: Any ML experience or tricks you want to share with the community including infra stacks you recommend, a step-by-step guide for an algorithm/ application, competition experience, and so on, but NO advertising.
  • Feedback on Graviti: Found a creative way while using Graviti Data Platform? Let us know!

  • Note: Notebook module is more like a markdown editor rignt now, can’t running code.
    How to contribute Notebooks: here’s the instruction
    Share the Tweet link to #I-made-this 🎁 NFT * 1
    Master Challenge Build your own project using listed open datasets and Tensorbay SDK, and publish the project’s introduction and the step-by-step building guide to Community Notebook. Publish on Community Notebook, and share the Notebook link to #I-made-this a. Super Rare NFT * 1
    b. Exposure in Graviti AI Community: Your profile and projects will get an enormous amount of exposure in our community.
    c. Early access to the open-sourced schema language Portex, which will enable a new way of organizing data - a columnar data table for unstructured data.
    Easter Egg There will be Easter eggs during the campaign. A 24-hour flash secret task will be announced in our discord server. Stay tuned! The submission method will be announced together with the task 🎁 NFT * 1

    Review and rewards rules

    • We manually verify all submissions to see if the submission is valid.
    • We will review the results within 1 working day after the submission. Shiming Xiao will DM you the results.
    • We wish notebooks can help community members share projects and machine learning experiences effectively. Notebooks that are extremely off-topic, of low quality, or plagiarized will be removed at the discretion of the community and moderators.
    • You will be invited to #whitelist after reviewing. Click on the button at the bottom you can submit/resubmit the wallet address, or check your submissions.
    • How to create my wallet, submit my wallet address and check my NFTs : here’s the instruction.


    • There are 300 NFTs in total on a first come first serve basis. Each user can get up to 5 NFTs.
    • Everyone can only submit the “Get started with Graviti AI Community” task and the “Easter Egg” task for once. While you can submit several “Publish Notebook” tasks and “Master Challenge” ( and get NFT * n!)
    • If you have any questions about the launch campaign, free feel to ask in #nft-giveaway and @Rachel Tang
    • Graviti reserves the right to a final explanation.

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